Taking over a restaurant: some key points to analyze

A concrete and well-thought-out project is the best starting point when it comes to doing business. Having all the necessary information in hand is the safest way to get started. Have an eye for detail! Taking over a restaurant is a difficult process, but once each of the items listed below is taken into account you should be ready and prepared for any eventuality

Check that the room is suitable

In this first task, your leitmotif should be the following: check that the room is suitable for your project. This is one of the most important points for a restaurant takeover: you can eventually fit out the room, but you will not be able to change it. This must, therefore, be appropriate.


The size of the room

First, you need to check that the size of the room is sufficient. We usually recommend planning 2 to 3 m2 per place, all spaces combined (that is to say room, kitchen, storeroom and annexes). That said, these figures are likely to be revised downwards or upwards depending on the type of establishment you are taking over (upscale restaurant or fast food). The “ideal size” also depends on the number of members your team will have, as well as having extra space available in case you want to expand after a huge success.


The layout of the restaurant

The layout of the room is perhaps a more “technical” point, but just as important. The service must be carried out under the best possible conditions. A single-storey restaurant is, for example, more practical sense it is the guarantee to avoid laborious back and forth between a kitchen in the basement and a room upstairs. Waffle House menu prices can be get from the site of restaurant.


Local compliance with standards

A restaurant is an ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public) and is therefore subject to the safety standards imposed by the State. Make sure that the room chosen meets these requirements (building design, alarm system, evacuation plan). It is now easy to learn about these standards by going to the service-public.fr site. If the room is not up to standard, it will be necessary to plan the amount of work necessary to correct the situation (and possibly reduce the cost of recovery accordingly).


The right to lease

The acquisition of premises intended to accommodate a business supposes an acquisition of the right to the lease (in the event that you are not the owner of the premises).


It is imperative to study this document carefully. It will be necessary to be attentive to the period remaining to run since when the lease expires the rent risks being uncapped, that is to say, that its amount can skyrocket!

It will also be necessary to be vigilant to the conformity of the destination of the lease with the catering activity. Obviously, the best is to be assisted by a lawyer when reading a commercial lease. You can also consult our guide to the commercial lease for more information on how it works.

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