People consider Las Vegas as the spiritual home of Poker. Although there are a lot of amazing Poker rooms in that area, Europe is not far behind. The wonderful continent has iconic and historic Poker rooms. Some even vie for the attention of Poker players worldwide. There are some players who prefer to play online casinos, like สูตรสล็อต AI 2020, at the comfort of their hotel rooms. But, people who visit Europe for a quick vacation or a business trip usually make Poker rooms a part of their plans. Here are some of the best Poker rooms any true Poker aficionado should check out.

Portomaso Casino, Malta

People are flocking the beautiful island of Malta for many good reasons. It is an amazing alternative to a city break with an affordable cost of living. Many consider it an ideal venue for a long holiday. The bustling seaside resort also offers plenty of Poker action. Their “Junkets” programme is for those who are willing to shell out and mix in some casino games with their Poker. The casino will ask you to deposit the needed amount. You can then get reimbursements for your travelling expenses. You also get five-star hotel accommodation with food and drinks during your stay. There are affordable daily tournaments in the Poker room at the Portomaso Casino. The four separate Poker areas can accommodate over a hundred tables. It is becoming a favorite for Poker festivals and tours like the European Poker Tour.


Hippodrome Casino, London

There are so many options for Poker players to choose from in London. The Hippodrome, opened in July 2012 in the heart of London’s Leicester Square, is the hottest venue. The casino is within the former Hippodrome theatre. Its central location and onsite attractions attract a lot of people. There are regular players with a bunch of casual players and tourists. It is the largest casino in the United Kingdom and holds the title “Casino of the Year.” Its four floors of gaming in a fantastic setting is something worth boasting. Various entertainment is here and you can find restaurants once you get hungry. The Hippodrome is home to the UK’s only Pokerstars Live Deck. It hosts the UK and Ireland POker Tour and some Classic events.


Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club

More known as The Fitz, this place produced some of the legendary Irish Poker players over the years. Popular examples are Padraig Parkinson and Liam Flood. A lot of players attend the daily affordable tournaments hosted by The Fitz. These generate a good prize pool with the lower buy-in tournaments. They usually last about five hours. The Poker room during weekends is full of action and very lively. The Fitz is perfect if you want to have a taste of the legendary hospitality they offer. All the while competing with natural born Poker players.


If you have a hectic schedule when visiting Europe, you can try online casinos and play สูตรสล็อต AI ฟรี instead. They offer various exciting casino games, too.

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